PIT is an unusual and early economic style card game first invented in 1903. Parker Brothers purchased the game, hired noted psychic Edgar Cayce to redesign it, and published PIT in 1904. Not until the board game Monopoly, and related games, did games attempt to duplicate a piece of the real financial world. PIT players attempt to corner a market on one commodity in the game, in a raucous shouting match during which they exchange cards. The first player to do this is the winner. A deluxe version of PIT, published in 1973, features a bright orange metal bell, which a player rings when he or she corners any market. PIT is still available today.

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  • Title: Card game:Pit
  • Creator: Parker Brothers
  • Date Created: 1919
  • Location: Salem, MA
  • Subject Keywords: economics
  • Type: Card Games
  • Medium: printed paper, printed cardboard, printed cardstock
  • Object ID: 112.6338
  • Credit Line: Gift of Andrew Cosman and Mary Valentine