Card game:What Do You Buy?

McLoughlin Brothersca. 1890

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

What Do You Buy? is a card game based on another famous early card game called Peter Coddle, or some variation of that name. A party game best played by a group, What Do You Buy incorporates another level to the standard version. Certain cards are printed with various roles, and each player is assigned one of these. The rest of the cards are printed with nouns or noun phrases, and the participants must use a card when the reader reaches a blank in the story--appropriate for one of the assigned roles. The game play results in nonsensical humor all around.

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  • Title: Card game:What Do You Buy?
  • Creator: McLoughlin Brothers
  • Date Created: ca. 1890
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Subject Keywords: store
  • Type: Card Games
  • Medium: printed cardstock, cardboard, paper
  • Object ID: 107.3091