Carpet in daily life

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

The piled and flatwoven carpets, carpet goods in the cadres reflect our way of life, world outlook and the colors show our mood and positivity. The patterns, decorating national clothes create a beautiful harmony with socks, pass to carpets, turn back to them, the live letters of our ancestors by showing “weaving ceramics” with graceful ornaments, spinner tool. The cadre ends with the weaver lady whose fingers create wonders and we see the words “Carpet Museum” where we can view these pearls all together.
Development of carpet making art may be related to emergence of pileless rugs which fulfilled numerous functions in household: rugs, kilims, jejims, shaddas, varnish, sumakhes, zilis and other types of carpet were used to cover tents and served as cover, curtain and mattress.
Carpets – these uncountable pearls are not just historical and esthetic monuments, ageless art but also live lessons of the will of artists from ancient times which is about to continue life memorial of the people with brilliant images and reflect the colorfulness and harmony of our attractive reality in the harmony of colors and hues.

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  • Title: Carpet in daily life


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