Casa Bettega

João Batista Vilanova Artigas1949 - 1949

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Museu Oscar Niemeyer
Curitiba, Brasil

House is a beautiful image of the beloved Artigas. Peculiar form of knowledge, distinguishes man as a character – a novelty in the universe – that builds to inhabit the planet. Transforms nature, the geographies. Architecture is at the heart of the University, science and art technique at the same time, the success idea for all other schools. This House is an extension of his work. Reflection and a lesson that encourages all of us to continue building the current city to reverse the route of disasters. It should be a happy place because it is always new and attentive to the changes of our time.

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  • Título: Casa Bettega
  • Criador: João Batista Vilanova Artigas
  • Data: 1949 - 1949
  • Procedência: © All rights reserved
  • Tipo: Photography
  • Credits: Picture: Acervo Casa Vilanova Artigas


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