Ceiling detail

Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza1890/2013

Chamber of Architects in Romania

Chamber of Architects in Romania

The room situated at the corner of Pitar Mos and Verona streets presents a highly decorated ceiling: only the contrasts between different shades of brown, orange and yellow would have been enough to catch the attention. The presence of letter M is a distinct allusion to the Mincu family. The painted girders also enjoy an elaborated hardware decoration. Furthermore, the bee drawing may have various interpretations: diligence and perseverance or the family shelter. Just like the dolphin, the bee is a symbol of a passage between two dimensions, the aerial and the underground in this case. Moreover, one might recollect the masonic value of the bee symbol, being already known that Mincu became a member of Masonry in his Parisian studies period.

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  • Title: Ceiling detail
  • Creator: Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza
  • Date: 1890/2013
  • Location: Bucharest, Arthur Verona street no.19, code 010312