Celadon Bowl with Incised Wave and Fish Design

unknownGoryeo, 12nd century

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

Three fish swimming in the sea wave are portrayed on the celadon bowl. Tea bowls of these types are remnants of the tea ceremony that was popular during the Goryeo Period. At that time, there was even a tea room in the palace where tea was made for the King, with tea houses in the capital Gaegyeong (present-day Gaeseong). Xuanhe fengshi Gaoli tujing (“Illustrated Record of Travel Experiences in Gaegyeong”) written by Song (China)’s envoy, Xu Jing (1091–1153), portrays the people of Goryeo making tea in silver cauldrons and drinking it with black cups bearing golden flower patterns and celadon cups.

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  • Title: Celadon Bowl with Incised Wave and Fish Design
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: Goryeo, 12nd century
  • Provenance: Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
  • Type: Celadon