Celadon Double-headed Drum

UnknownGoryeo Dynasty, 12th century

Horim Museum

Horim Museum

The heads of a drum on both sides are in slightly different sizes, but the shapes are similar on the whole. The front is painted, using iron oxide paints, while the designs were engraved. Then the margin was peeled off, and white soil was used to inlay the side in order for the design to stand out. In the body of the drum, a lotus and arabesque design is splendidly depicted, and the details are expressed in a depressed engraving. In the connection between the body and the neck of the drum, a lotus petal design and X-type petals are engraved. Light green celadon glaze is applied, and the front is thinly crazed. This type of celadon drum is only found in the pottery in Jinsan-ri, Haenam, Jeollanam-do. Likewise, this is the finest masterpiece of this type of work, with the highest quality of design and its perfectly preserved shape is difficult to find.

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  • Title: Celadon Double-headed Drum
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: Goryeo Dynasty, 12th century
  • Physical Dimensions: w59.7 cm
  • Provenance: Horim Museum
  • Type: Porcelain