Young Soon Her2016/2016

The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum

The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum

Young soon Her inserted an image of an artifact in a cell-patterned form, and then reproduced the cell patterns until they form an artwork. Her compared her practice with a cell that grows and spreads. According to her, textile arts expand not only within an assigned space but beyond the boundary of the space. In her work, diamond-shaped motifs are connected by rings and stitches and expand to form a long and short-sleeved robe. In the artwork of Young soon Her, the pattern of a pair of cranes was simplified and repeated throughout the whole piece like cell division.

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  • Title: Cell2016-08
  • Creator: Young Soon Her
  • Date Created: 2016/2016
  • Physical Dimensions: w 277cm x h 206cm
  • Type: textile art
  • Photographer: Han, Jung-Youp by Han Studio
  • Rights: Young Soon Her, The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum, Sookmyung Women's University
  • Medium: Felt, Metal