Chain of a German guild of St George

Unknown15th Century


Antwerp, Belgium

This extraordinary 15th-century solid-silver chain belonged to a German marksmen’s guild of St George. It was worn on high days by the Marksman King, the title given to the winner of the annual jay shoot event: the shooting of a wooden bird.
The chain consists of 20 identical shackles with a Burgundian fire steel. The medallion made by leaves and flower in ajour work is topped by a statuette of St Christopher. Under the medallion hangs a concave curved chest plate. It serves as a niche for two plastic statuettes on a pedestal, one of them the guild’s patron, St George fighting the dragon.
The whole is completed by a crowned bird referring to the jay shoot.

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  • Title: Chain of a German guild of St George
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 15th Century
  • Location: Germany
  • Physical Dimensions: length: 85cm – width: 27cm – height: 17.5cm
  • Subject Keywords: Antwerp History and Folklore
  • Type: Guild chain
  • Medium: Silver, gold
  • ID: AV.4699.1-2
  • Department: MAS Collection – Vleeshuis
  • Acquisition: Purchased from Osterrieth family (1930)