Chamonix, France, Nicole, from the children's home, 1944.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem


  • Title: Chamonix, France, Nicole, from the children's home, 1944.
  • Location: Chamonix,France, Saint Georges,France
  • Subject Keywords: Children , Children's homes , OSE - Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants , Righteous Among the Nations , Drawings and paintings , Juliette Vidal , Guy Marinette , בתי ילדים - צרפת , Rescue
  • Origin: Tsipora Tzbotzki
  • Description: Juliette Vidal and Marinette Guy established the home in 1942. Both were decorated later as Righteous Among the Nation. They converted the summer camp they run into a children shelter after it was discovered that many children staying at the camp lost their parents. The OSE took over the operation and moved it to Hotel de la Paix. Most of the staff members were Jewish and the children were allowed to preserve their Jewish identity. Submitter Tzipora (Fela) Izbozki, was a Belgian woman born in Poland in 1923. She escaped with her family in 1940 to Southern France and was hired by Juliette Vidal as a nanny. She received the album from another nanny, Madelyn.
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Archival signature: 4365
  • Album number: FA266/B207 , FA266/A , FA266/B
  • Album Title: Saint Georges, France, A photograph album from a children home, where Jewish children were hidden during the Holocaust.


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