Cheomseongdae Observatory

unknown and photo by Seo, Heun KangSilla, 7th century

Gyeongju National Museum

Gyeongju National Museum

Cheomseongdae stands on an open field in Wolseong as a captivating landmark for tourists in the past and the present alike. Constructed during the reign of Queen Seondeok (r. 632-647), the observatory is known as the oldest surviving one in Asia with a unique structure beyond comparison with other buildings from this era across the world. As such, there are various theories surrounding Cheomseongdae.

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  • Title: Cheomseongdae Observatory
  • Creator: unknown, photo by Seo, Heun Kang
  • Date Created: Silla, 7th century
  • Location: 839-1 Inwang-dong, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Korea
  • Physical Dimensions: photo
  • Type: Observatory
  • Rights: Gyeongju National Museum