Chew or Die


Canada Council Art Bank

Canada Council Art Bank

In the mid-1980s, the duo known as FASTWÜRMS created numerous linocuts on found tea towels. Chew or Die includes a volcanic eruption, a waterfall, a rootless tree and a beaver wearing a shoe. The FASTWÜRMS suggest that “the abundance of imagery gives the viewer endless opportunities for visual pleasure and personal aesthetic shopping. Our sensibility is an extension of the natural world that abhors a vacuum and revels in profusion.” With enough stuff viewers are bound to find something that speaks to them!*

FASTWÜRMS was formed in 1979 by artists Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse. They have exhibited and created public commissions and installation performance, video and film projects across Canada and in the United States, Korea and Japan. They are based in Toronto and Creemore, Ontario.


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