Cinco cóndores, Banco Central del Cóndor

Ricardo Benaim1999/2007

Museum of Latin American Art

Museum of Latin American Art

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  • Title: Cinco cóndores, Banco Central del Cóndor
  • Creator: Ricardo Benaim
  • Date Created: 1999/2007
  • Title translation: Five Condors, Central Bank of the Condor
  • About the Work: Ricardo Benaim has been working on proposing utopian projects that seek to improve or solve specific issues in South America such as changing the distribution of the fluvial map that would allow the access to sea to Bolivia or generating a project to that would let the sea reach to city of Caracas. For the Condor project Benaim worked with other artists to produce a South American currency called the condor, in reference to the South American bird. Benaim also created a bank, Banco Central del Cóndor, which is in charge of issuing the currency. Each South American country has a president for the bank, usually an artist or a person related to the art world that designs, issues and circulates the bills. With this conceptual exercise the artist challenges economical laws and tries to reshape the relationships between the South American countries.
  • Type: Print
  • Rights: Gift of the artist
  • External Link: Museum of Latin American Art
  • Medium: 4-color, double-sided, digital graphic prints with orange fluorescent ink on paper

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