City in ruins

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva1955/1955

Museu do Caramulo

Museu do Caramulo
Caramulo, Portugal

  • Title: City in ruins
  • Creator: Vieira da Silva, Maria Helena
  • Date: 1955/1955
  • Technique/Material: Oil on canvas
  • Physical Dimensions: w62.5 x h38.5 cm (Without frame)
  • Exhibition: Caramulo, Portugal
  • Donated by:: Alberto Pires Ribeiro
  • Description: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva moved from Lisbon to Paris, where, in 1932 at the Académie Ranson, she became a disciple of Bissière, who had a powerful influence on the formative phase of her work, so that thereafter she became a prominent member of the so-called Paris School and one of the most significant painters in the mid-20th century. This work clearly expresses the pictorial revolution that the artist engaged in, a “difficult, slow and painful” process, to use her own words: she showed an acute awareness of space defined in an apparent use of perspective, which is ambiguously multiplied by the interplay of successive reflections, in which José-Augusto França detected the memory of the decorative tiles of her native city. In this way, Vieira da Silva brought to lyrical abstractionism the spatial ambiguity of perspectivation, in a revelation filled with a sense of wonderment. In her phase of maturity, to which this work belongs, she transforms the urban, architectural, and sometimes claustrophobic environment of previous works into a very significant universe of poetic and richly colourful structures, in a subtle game of transparencies.
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Museu do Caramulo