Clock with rams' heads

Anton RegaliCirca 1810-20

National Museum of Slovenia

National Museum of Slovenia

There were a number of excellent clockmakers working in Ljubljana in the first decades of the nineteenth century, making salon clocks. The older ones were Baltazar Hofmann, Andrej Zupančič and Martin Moser, and the younger were Lenard Heichele, Jožef Karinger, Nikolaj Rudholzer and Anton Regali. They modelled their clock cases on those fashionable in Vienna, the capital and an important clock-making centre. Mass-produced clock decorations could be ordered there and used in all sorts of combinations on locally made cases. The movements of table clocks of the period were concealed in drums behind circular faces supported by architecturally designed pillared and stepped porticos Decorations included classical gilt vases, rosettes, wreaths, interwoven ribbons and brass and mother-of-pearl applications on dark veneer (especially mahogany) and ebonised backgrounds. The Neo-classical Empire-Biedermeier style of clock casing remained fashionable in Carniola long after the brief episode of the French occupation. Long, decorated pendulums became more conspicuous. Sometimes more interestingly shaped cases were invented. This elegant clock has three curved supports, with gilt rams’ heads with beaded rings in their mouths rising from a triangular base, on top of which is set a drum with white face. The pendulum is weighed with a pretty, chased brass angel with a floral garland. Regali adapted the shapes of his table clocks to the tastes of his costumers, down to the old-fashioned, but well-tried Baroque bracket ones. He also made the longcase clock in Ljubljana cathedral vestry.

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  • Title: Clock with rams' heads
  • Creator: Anton Regali
  • Date: Circa 1810-20
  • Date Created: Circa 1810-20
  • Location Created: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Physical Dimensions: h. 35 cm, w. 21 cm
  • Provenance: Unknown
  • Type: Clock
  • Rights: Narodni muzej Slovenije
  • Medium: Mahogany stained veneer, gilt carving, chased and engraved brass applications, browned hands, enamel face, half-hour striking movement