Clotilde en traje de noche

Joaquín Sorolla1910

Museo Sorolla

Museo Sorolla

Of all the people in the artist’s close family circle, his favourite model was undoubtedly his wife Clotilde, the subject of many of his paintings. The Museum has a large gallery of portraits of Sorolla’s wife, ranging from when she was recently married to her mature years, in various different poses. Many of these portraits were used by the artist as examples of his work to show to potential clients.
Clotilde’s pose and gesture in this portrait, sitting upright and leaning slightly forward, with her left hand on her hip, reveal her strength of character which Sorolla so admired, while the stylish evening gown and accessories show how the family was moving up in society.
Sorolla was always a close observer of fashion and on his trips abroad he would buy dresses, hats and other fashionable items for his wife and daughters.

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