Color Reform-HaHaHa, Pup, Puhaha(Reforming wall paintings a in fishing village)

Hong, Nam Kee2015

Gyeonggi Creation Center

Gyeonggi Creation Center
Ansan-si, South Korea

Seongam Town next to Daebudo Island had the sad history in the past but now became a popular tourist attraction. Thus, the aim of the project in 2015 continued as the project in 2012’s based on its touristic character: installing familiar and easy im­ages on every corner of the town. In 2012, Seongam Town became more pleasant and clean from the Seongam Town Project as a part of the Town Regeneration Project; the general color of the town was improved and wall paintings were done. In 2015, the fishing village, located in the corner of Seongam Town and run the fishing village experiencing program for tourists, needed more improvement so the run-down signs of tractors were redesigned with thick stick­er papers in various colors and the several signs of the town on roads were repaired. This Color Reform Project was a part of Agitart Project 2015 aiming participations of local residents. The wall paintings on two sites and the five signs of tractors from the Seongam Town Project 2012 were repaired with local residents for the new project. First, for the Color Reform Project, a meet­ing about a concept and design started with authorities of the fishing village. I was thankful to local residents’ unexpected enthusiasm. Many meetings needed to be followed until the final design came out and sketching base on the final design began. When the project started in earnest, several local residents showed great inter­ests and the manager and office manager of the fishing village gave great supports to the project. Of course, it was not easy due to the schedule and some conditions but the manager and office manager, who were almost like artists now, remained till the end. Also, the town supplied materials for coating in order to prevent peeling off and rust and the manager and office manager painted for coating by themselves. I had concerned about the follow-up manage­ment and improvement plan as the project went on but after seeing local residents’ enthusiastic participations, I could carefully conclude that the wall paintings and the management of them may successfully settle down. After the tractor work, the walls decorated with thick sticker papers in various colors from the project 2012 were in tatters so needed a repair. First, the ex­isting stickers were tore down and the walls were painted and reformed with painting of clouds as a point. Then, the wall painting, done by participants of the GCC education program as a part of the program in the past on the retaining wall at the number six Haesolgil-Trail, had been faded so need­ed to be painted over and repainted with images that remind the town and related images of Daebudo Island like onomato­poeia, crowds, seagulls, island and etc. in a cartoon-like style based on the 80’s holiday poster. I hereby finished the Color Reform Project and saw that the town has a more vibrant atmosphere.

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  • Title: Color Reform-HaHaHa, Pup, Puhaha(Reforming wall paintings a in fishing village)
  • Creator: Hong, Nam Kee
  • Date: 2015
  • collections: Kumho Art Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, MMCA Art Bank
  • Solo Exhibitions: 2015 Symptomatic, samuso CHGO, Seoul 2014 Borderline, Art space O, Seoul 2011 JOHN & BALBOA SPACE 15th, Seoul 2009 ‘Romantic memory’ Kumhomuseum, Seoul
  • Group Exhibitions: 2015 Media Salon de SeMA, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, seoul 2014 The Breath of Fresh, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggi-do 2013 FREIHEIT!, Kunstpalais, Erlangen, Germany 2012 EXTERIOR, Art + Lounge DIBANG Bartz Revolutionary War, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, gyeonggi-do NO.45 Kumho Young Artist, KUMHO MUSEUM OF ART, Seoul 2011 The Moving Image Translation Service Agency, project space sarubia, Seoul 2010 Visiology 2010 ‘Non/symptomatic’, Scenerysangsangmadang gallery, Seoul ‘RESIDENCE PARADE’, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon 2009 ‘Montage of sense’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  • Education: 2005 Kyung Hee University College of fine art M.F.A 2002 Won kwang University College of fine art B.F.A
  • Awards: 2013 Selection Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Gyeonggi-do 2011 Selected as SPACE 15th, Seoul 2008 Selected as Kumho young artist Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul NArT selection, Seoul culture foundation, Seoul
  • Type: community-based art project