Journalist Connie Chung shares the particular angle of her 9/11 coverage, focusing on the financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald, the offices of which had been located at the World Trade Center. The story took a surprising turn after the head of the company stopped payroll payments to the survivors’ families:

“I went and interviewed the head of Cantor Fitzgerald, who cried on camera the most incredible, real tears… because of the loss of his employees. …The craziest thing is, just [a few days later] the head of Cantor Fitzgerald took all the families off health benefits … It was horrible. So then the story continued. And I interviewed families. And they were incredulous. They accused him of false crocodile tears and all of that. It was just an incredible story because I ended up concentrating on that microcosm of a story. Not the huge impact of 9/11. There were others doing that.”

Watch Connie Chung’s full interview to hear her tell the stories behind her groundbreaking career.

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  • Title: Connie Chung on 9/11