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Autore sconosciuto12th century AD - 13th century AD

MAO - Museo di Arte Orientale

MAO - Museo di Arte Orientale

The Seljuk era stood out for its extensive use of lustre techniques - by painting with metal oxides and then firing in a reducing environment - to produce fine ceramics. The high quality achieved by the ceramicist painters is borne out by countless bowls, bottles and vases decorated with thin brushstrokes that outline geometric shapes, floral patterns and human figures.

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  • Titolo: Coppa
  • Creatore: Autore sconosciuto
  • Data: 12th century AD - 13th century AD
  • Luogo di creazione: Kashan, Iran
  • Parole chiave: Ceramic, pottery, lustre
  • Dinastia: Seljuk
  • Dimensioni reali: w22.5 cm
  • Data (Egira): 6th-7th century
  • Tipo: Vasellame
  • Diritti: All Rights Reserved - MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale, Turin
  • Materiale: Frit body, lustre decoration

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