Copper kettle

Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro1920

Grão Vasco National Museum

Grão Vasco National Museum

The title of this artwork seems to belittle the importance attached to portraits and establishes a "Copper Kettle" as the main topic. The dark tones of the painting are tempered by the metallic glare coming from the object and by the yellow glow of the lemon. The female figure seems to come out of the darkness and looks us in the eye as she puts her hand on the glittering copper kettle. Through this intimate style, Columbano portrays a moment of everyday life in which the human model is, as it seems to be the case in other situations, nothing but a bright and compositional counterpoint to the motive that really matters: the still-life painting.

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  • Title: Copper kettle
  • Creator: Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro
  • Date Created: 1920
  • Location: Grâo Vasco Nacional Museum, Viseu, Portugal
  • Physical Dimensions: 22 cm x 27 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: © DGPC/ADF/Photographer:Luisa Oliveira, 2013
  • Medium: Oil on wood