Copper Kitchen Utensils


Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China

Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China

The size of house in Lulang is relative huge, with thick soil-earth walls and a shingle-covered roof. The big room indoor is used as the kitchen, where chopped firewood is fired in a big iron stove, a long table and long bench are placed within as well. A cupboard is placed against the wall, milk granules are hanged on the ceiling for drying. The inside room is divided into a scripture hall, a bedroom, and a storage room.
The wooden houses in Bomi are pure wooden structure. The big and gentle-slope roof is covered by shingles, and walls are stacked by applying thick-board tenon vertically and are painted in red. Thick planks are paved on the indoor floor, while the indoor space is separated into scripture hall, bedroom, and kitchen with wooden boards. The corral and straw bar are built independently.
The base of pigsty houses in Jiangda is built with soil and stones, for confining sheep and cows. The walls on the second floor are brushed in red. The eave and the lintels of window are decorated with colored paintings. The roof is flat, where wooden shelves are placed to dry highland barley. The toilet is supported by the gable wall, which seems like being attached on the wall.

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  • Title: Copper Kitchen Utensils
  • Creator: Zhanzheng
  • Provenance: Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China
  • Original Source: http://bwg.muc.edu.cn
  • photography location: Linzhi, Tibet Autonomous Region
  • photography date: 2006.08
  • object type: Photography
  • ethnic group: Tibetan
  • creator's dates: 1963 -
  • creator nationality: Chinese
  • creator gender: Male