Fire, metal, human hands and a human’s inner world – these form the basis of all copper products created in the craftsmanship center of Azerbaijan, beautiful Lahij village, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve of the country. The village is located in the foothills area of Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. In mid XIX century, more than 200 workshops located there, where coppersmiths, hat makers, carpet makers, jewelers, mint workers and others worked. The copper products of Lahij are distinguished by the delicacy of the decorations, in which botanical ornaments create beautiful compositions with wise quotes from holy books, the works of prominent poets and philosophers. Every composition is in harmony with the product and finds its place in the lives of the costumers. These cups, porcelains, pitchers, bracelets and other products are unique and exclusive for their decorations. The handicraftsmen- coppersmiths engrave their hearts, worlds and attitudes inherited from their ancestors on these products.


  • Title: Copper products
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