Copy of an anthropomorphic figurine from Juodkrantė

Vytautas Galdikas1967 - 1967

Lithuanian Art Museum

Lithuanian Art Museum
Vilnius, Lithuania

The so-called
Juodkrantė Treasures were discovered in the second half of the 19th century
when the German company Stantien und Becker was mining amber from the bed of
the Curonian Lagoon near Juodkrantė (Schwarzort) which lies on the Curonian
. In total, the collection consisted of 434 archaeological amber
works that have been dated to 3000 BC. Richard
Klebs wrote about these unique works in his book “Stone Age Amber Jewellery
(1882). The value of these works led to the collection becoming known as the
Juodkrantė Treasures. A large part of the collection disappeared during World
War II, and only a few individual works survived, along with the descriptions
and illustrations published in R. Klebs’ book. Their fate was unknown for a
long time, and it was widely believed that they had disappeared forever.
However, later 18 items were found not far from Göttingen in Germany. In 1958
they were handed over to the Geology and Mineralogy Institute and Museum in
Göttingen University.  

is the largest anthropomorphological figurine made of amber along the entire
southern and eastern Baltic Sea region. Archaeological research suggests that the
faces of the Juodkrantė Treasures amber figurines feature the same stylistics
as wooden idols: there is a prominent eyebrow bow.


  • Title: Copy of an anthropomorphic figurine from Juodkrantė
  • Creator: Vytautas Galdikas
  • Date: 1967 - 1967
  • original title: Antropomorfinės figūrėlės iš Juodkrantės lobio kopija
  • artist information: Vytautas Galdikas (1927- 2011) studied ceramics at the School of Fine Crafts in Telšiai. The artists passions were metalurgy, amber, engines and clocks. He has manufactured three organs and assembled 43 early engines.
  • Physical Dimensions: w58 x h145 x d17 mm
  • Museum Collection: Palanga Museum of Amber
  • Provenance: Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Type: Amber
  • External Link: Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Medium: Polished amber


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