Apresenta-se como editor da "Boston Book and Art Shop", propondo trocar um de seus livros sobre pintura japonesa, por uma obra de Portinari.

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  • Título: Correspondência
  • Data de criação: 1954-01-28
  • Local: Boston MA, Rio de Janeiro RJ
  • Procedência: Acervo do Projeto Portinari
  • Palavras-chave do assunto: Vida Artística, Obras de arte, permuta
  • Transcrição: CO-900 Boston Book and Art Shop. [Carta] 1954 Jan. 28, Boston, MA [para] Candido Portinari, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. [inglês][datilografado] Dear Mr. Portinari : By chance Dr. Paulo Barros, who perhaps will be able to tell you more about me personally than I could in all modesty write you, has been an admirer of your work for the longest time. In fact, I treasure a monograph on you which was published a number of years ago in this country, and prize it, since I do not have any example of your original work. I am a bookseller, especially in books on fine and applied arts, and deal in prints. My specialty is Japanese prints, and I have a very fine collection; also have published a book on Japanese prints. This letter is more in the nature of making myself known to you. I would like some day to own one of your paintings, and am wondering whether we could exchange one for art books or Japanese prints. I know I could never afford one of your paintings, but I do have, as Dr. Barros will tell you, one of the best selections of art books in the world. I should be very pleased to hear from you. Cordially yours, [ilegível] 2
  • Tipo: carta
  • Editora: Projeto Portinari
  • Link externo:
  • Tipo de dado na Coleção: CO
  • Número: 900


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