Harriet Gardner

Projeto Portinari

Projeto Portinari
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Informa estar enviando um pacote de sementes para os Portinaris. Lamenta a ausência do pintor, comentando assuntos pessoais.

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  • Título: Correspondência
  • Criador: Harriet Gardner
  • Data de criação: 1942-09-16
  • Local: Georgetown CT, Rio de Janeiro RJ
  • Procedência: Acervo do Projeto Portinari
  • Transcrição: CO-1903 Gardner, Harriet. [Carta] 1942 Sept. 16, Georgetown, CT [para] Candido Portinari, [Rio de Janeiro, RJ]. [inglês][datilografado] Hail to our new allies – and dear Marie: Here are the seeds I promise to get you – they should arrive about in time for your spring planting. Mine are quite successful – planted according to directions on the package. You remember – it was a salad green we all liked one evening in Miami Beach. Doesn’t it seem a long time ago! And all your friends are sunk because you are not all coming to the U.S. again this year. We are all working hard – hoping we are being effective toward winning the war – each in his small way. My own effort seems rather attenuated, but I don’t know anything else to do. Marie Sermolino and I often speak of you and think of you so far away and of the fun we all had together last winter. Anyway – your lovely little boy is too young to be touched by this war – and we must make it the last – so he never will be. Good luck and love to you all – and may it be not too long before we meet again! Harriet 2
  • Tipo: carta
  • Editora: Projeto Portinari
  • Link externo:
  • Direitos: Harriet Gardner
  • Tipo de dado na Coleção: CO
  • Número: 1903


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