Cynthia Pearl Maus

Projeto Portinari

Projeto Portinari
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Informa ter escolhido 5 obras de artistas brasileiros, listando-as, para figurarem em sua antologia "The world's great madonnas". Pede encaminhar, aos respectivos autores, a autorização, anexa, para reprodução.

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  • Título: Correspondência
  • Criador: Cynthia Pearl Maus
  • Data de criação: 1946-04-17
  • Local: Long Beach CA, Rio de Janeiro RJ
  • Procedência: Acervo do Projeto Portinari
  • Palavras-chave do assunto: Arte/Cultura, Direitos autorais
  • Transcrição: CO-3252 Maus, Cynthia Pearl. [Carta] 1946 Apr. 17, Long Beach, CA [para] Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos; Lois M. Williams, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. [inglês][datilografado] My dear Miss Williams, Your list of “Madonnas” and “Holy Families”, reproductions of paintings by Brazilian artists, reached me on April 15th, and I want to express my genuine thanks and appreciation for your generosity in sending so many from which to select at least five which will appear in the Brazilian Section for my forth-coming anthology “The World’s Great Madonnas”. I am taking it for granted that you have cleared all necessary permissions for me to include reproductions of any of these in my anthology, though your letter does not express this permission other than in general terms. It is impossible, of course, to use all of them in a volume that is to cover all six of the earth’s continents and some twenty-five of its leading countries. I have however, chose out of the seventeen prints which you so graciously sent five that will be in the Brazilian Section. They are as follows. 2. Our Lady of the Rosary, author unknown (18th century) Convent of Lapa do Desterro, Rio de Janeiro. 7. Mater Dolorosa, Pedro Américo (19th century) National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro. 8. The Fly to Egipt, José Ferraz de Almeida Junior (19th century) National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro. 10. Our Lady of Conception, Manuel Dias de Oliveira (19th century) National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro. 12. Madonna, Candido Portinari (20th century) Chapel Mayrink Veiga, Rio de Janeiro. If copyright permissions have not been cleared on the last four of those listed above, may I ask that you make this clearance for me at an early date, sending me confirmation that such has been done, so that there may be no later complications. It may be that none of these paintings are in copyright; and if so, no permission is needed. If they are, however, permission must be cleared in order to protect both the compiler and publishers of my anthology. As soon as I have had gloss prints of uniform size made on the five listed above, I shall be return all the prints you so graciously inclosed. Again thanking you for your hearty and generous cooperation, and awaiting a further word about copyright clearances, I remain, with best wishes, Cordially yours, a) Cynthia Pearl Maus 2748 Mariquita Street, Long Beach, 3 California
  • Tipo: carta
  • Editora: Projeto Portinari
  • Link externo:
  • Direitos: Cynthia Pearl Maus
  • Tipo de dado na Coleção: CO
  • Número: 3252


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