Crew Earth Observations (CEO) taken during STS-113




STS113-708-014 (23 November - 7 December 2002) --- The STS-113 crewmembers used a handheld 70mm still camera to record this image of Patagonia lakes in southern Argentina. The lowest of the three lakes in this view is Lake Argentino. The next one north (middle lake) is Lake Viedma, and the lake on the top margin is Lake San Martín. According to NASA scientists studying the STS-113 Earth imagery, all three of these large lakes have been carved out by glaciers in the "recent" ice age, descending from the Andes Mountains (under cloud along the right side of the view). Three glacier tongues can be discerned as small white features leading into the western (left) ends of each lake. The rounded ends of the lakes, according to the Johnson Space Center scientists, are produced by the slow "flowing" action of glacial ice on the plains next to the mountain chain. Snow cap on lower peaks next to the cloud make a jagged pattern.

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  • Title: Crew Earth Observations (CEO) taken during STS-113
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