Cycle Liquid

Enrique Cerón Ríos2014 - 2015

Hidro Arte - SACMEX

Hidro Arte - SACMEX

This image represents an abstract way the concept of water as a symbol of life on planet earth. In the central part there is an image depicting a fetus that is supported by two elephants found on the shell of a turtle; this symbolizes the planet, which I return to the concept that was believed to be structured in ancient times by simply adding the fetus as the media containing water and frozen woman inside it as Mother Earth. The entire image is the course where water comes in three phases, solid, liquid and gaseous, which is essential for the constant cycle that gives rise to life itself is maintained. Items such as the faucet in the back of the embryo symbolize the administration of the precious liquid, while the plant is nourished by the umbilical cord refers to the origin of life itself, using precious vital liquid fuel.

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  • Title: Cycle Liquid
  • Creator: Enrique Cerón Ríos
  • Date: 2014 - 2015
  • Location Created: Anillo Periférico Boulevard Adolfo Ruiz Cortines 4606, Jardines del Pedregal de San Ángel, 04500 Ciudad de México, D.F.
  • location:lon: -99.196815
  • location:lat: 19.30264
  • Physical Dimensions: w13 x h6 m (without frame)
  • Provenance: OK
  • Type: street art
  • External Link: http://www.sacmex.df.gob.mx/sacmex/hidroarte/2014/img/murales/25.php