The Olive tree is the plant that best represents the Mediterranean culture due to its diffusion and traits.In Greek mythology Poseidon and Athena were competing over possession of Attica, the challenge was to offer the nicest gift to the population. Poseidon, struck the ground with his trident and the most powerful and fast horse appeared, it was capable of winning every battle; Athena, struck rock with her spear and the first olive tree appeared, it was able of nourishing the population and illuminating the night. Zeus chose the more peaceful creation therefore Athena became the goddess of Athens. It became a sacred tree for the Greek: it’s wood was only used to sculpt sacred statues and its branches represented Athena’s virtues –wisdom, peace, victory and glory- were used to make crowns for the winners of the games of Elis. Due to its regenerative capacity olive trees can live for millennia and can grow into extraordinary shake and sizes.

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  • Title: Olive
  • Location: Agrigento, Italy, 37.290879,13.585206
  • Rights: Photo Archive Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico della Valle dei Templi