Napoleon photographic studio eventually became the leading photo studio in Barcelona until well into the twentieth century. The beginning of its activity can be dated to 1853.

The activity of the study was adapted to technological changes in photographic technique with a history of successful commercial line the turn of the twentieth century. From the turn of the century the study entered a slow decline, but still would illustrious figures during the first decades of the twentieth century.

With the death of Felix Santiago Fernandez, third generation of the family, the study finally closed its doors in 1966 as the new headquarters of the street Pelayo. His photographic legacy is a valuable treasure to know the bourgeois society of Barcelona during the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This daguerreotype shows a picture of three quarters of a middle-aged man sitting. He shows a mustache and wears dark tie, white shirt, dark jacket and plaid pants on the table on which rests his left arm is a hat. The image is illuminated

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  • Title: daguerreotype
  • Creator: Photo Studio Napoleon
  • Date: 1853/1860
  • Location: Barcelona