Lorichon and Martínez1850/1850

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia

Enrique or Henri Lorichon, was a French miniaturist who worked intermittently in Barcelona, at least since 1833

Lorichon never stopped miniature painting, and the press of the time sometimes advertised as lithographer and miniaturist or sometimes as the daguerreotype portrait. It is also common to find associated with another photographer according to the city where he was. 1850 Lorichon appears announced in the Madrid press associated with a Mr. Martinez. This piece corresponds to the period of stay in the state capital.

In the picture you can see a middle-aged man (the woman weds posing with her daughters in the daguerreotype number 2352). The surface of the daguerreotype is illuminated with different pigments manually. On the right side of the plate surface can be read an inscription with the text "Lorichon y Mnez 1850".

The image is adjusted to what Lorichon calls "the American system" in which the funds are dark and the figures are illuminated.

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  • Title: daguerreotype
  • Creator: Lorichon and Martínez
  • Date: 1850/1850
  • Location: Madrid