Enrique Lorichon1850

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia

Daguerreotype in beautifully crafted framework in which you can see a woman flanked by two girls, probably mother and daughters. The arrangement of the three figures plus a sensitivity manifests a high knowledge of the trade. If the mother figure in the middle of the composition looking straight at the camera, flanking girls turn their faces toward the goal accentuating the symmetry of the whole. It also shows the author's mastery of skillful placement of the supports of the three figures. So while the mother and little daughter are sitting, the older sister supports her hands clasped on the shoulder of the mother with a stable familiar posture that simultaneously facilitates the adoption of a fixed position and for making the plate. Side lighting also contributes to the enhancement of the figures and give expression to the faces, showing a shy look in girls and between frank and funny in the mother. The board is also lit with blue, white and gold for jewelry.
The author of this board, Henry (or Henri) Lorichon, lived for some periods in Barcelona at least since 1833, first as a miniaturist and also as a photographer after the daguerreotype. Like many other colleagues, it was artistic training in this miniature case, and French origin, he worked as a miniaturist and photographer in various cities in Spain where sometimes collaborated with local photographers always a work of excellence. This piece is for his stay in Madrid where he collaborated with such Martinez in 1850, as reads the signature on the side of the plate "Lorichon and Mrnez 1850".

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  • Title: Daguerreotype
  • Creator: Enrique Lorichon
  • Date Created: 1850