Sanem Tufan

Elgiz Museum

Elgiz Museum

Salacak beach overlooking the Maiden’s Tower … One of the legends related to
the Maiden’s Tower is Damalis. According to the Greek legend, Damalis, who is
the beautiful wife of King Hares of Athens, loves the Salacak beach. The King,
who is deeply in love with her, is devastated when Damalis dies, and decides to
bury his wife there, and renames the beach as Damalis Beach; and over time, the
tower’s name becomes Damalis Tower. According to the legend there’s also a
statue of Queen Damalis on the rocks. Since the past, all storytellers who try and
grasp women of Istanbul through legends, choose the waters of the Bosphorus
as their metaphorical storybook. The hair of a woman seems representative of
the imaginary world, it also attributes to the flowing currents of the Bosphorus.
The black, doubled up page that unites with Damalis, is in contact with the
Maiden’s Tower that oversees both continents. Damalis, its silhoutte halved,
continues to revive both on the pages of the storybook as well as its location.

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  • Title: Damalis
  • Creator: Sanem Tufan
  • Physical Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Physical Dimensions: 190x150x110
  • Type: sculpture
  • Medium: metal