Dancing with tears in my eyes

Daniel Rumiancew2008/2008

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Daniel Rumiancew’s video work Dancing with Tears in My Eyes is a sort of self-commentary to the selected works of the author. In several scenes, which were shot, among others, in an apartment, in the zoo, in a car or on the lake, the artist tells the story about seven of his earlier realisations: No. 1 (1995/2008), The Gigolo (2005), The Nest (2008), Expedition into the Other Room (2007), View from the Window (2007), DJ (2006), Dirty Dishes on My Balcony (2005-2007), and The Foggy Day. In order to enhance the strength of the commentary, the artist used gestures seen in works by Slavoj Žižek and Bogusław Wołoszański. In addition, he speaks with his mouth closed, pretending to be – quite ineptly – a ventriloquist. As a consequence, the commentary, firmly rooted in the spirit of psychoanalysis, becomes a parody, which is a personal guide to the work of the artist. The title of the work is taken from the title of the song of Ultravox, the flagship representative of the New Romantic trend in the 80s. Yet another direct inspiration for the artist is a film by Sophie Fiennes The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, which is a psychoanalytic journey through the greatest works of world cinematography, with the philosopher Slavoj Žižek as the narrator and guide. [P. Lisowski]

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