Day Dress

Christian Dior1949

Iwami Art Museum

Iwami Art Museum

Shortly after debuting in postwar Paris in 1947, Dior produced a nostalgic, elegant style of dress with a tightly-waisted jacket and full skirts. This was called the ‘New Look’ and was to receive feverish acclaim from women around the world. This style was to lead to a revival of Paris haute couture.
This chic suit by Dior alludes to the silhouette of this ‘New Look’. The gently sloping line of the shoulders, the gathered waist, and the large fold back of the sleeves, using large amounts of soft woolen material, this ‘New Look’ suit emphasized the ‘femininity’ of the wearer and was quite different from the slim suits with severely padded shoulders that had been so popular during the war years. This elegant look that he created was to continue to guide fashions in Paris or Western Europe well into the fifties.

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  • Title: Day Dress
  • Creator: Christian Dior
  • Date: 1949
  • Type: Black wool. Thick open collar. Jacket with decorative pocket. Wraparound skirt.