Day in the Life, page 3.



Day in the Life, page 3. Coming in for landing. A “Super Guppy” transport aircraft lands at the Shuttle Landing space Station. This photograph was taken for a special color edition of Spaceport News designed to portray in photographs a single day at KSC, July 26, 2000. The special edition, published Aug. 25,
2000, was created to give readers a look at KSC’s diverse workforce and the critical roles workers
play in the nation’s space program. Spaceport News is an official publication of the Kennedy Space Center and is published on alternate Fridays by the Public Affairs Office in the interest of KSC civil service and contractor employees

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  • Title: Day in the Life, page 3.
  • Location: Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Owner: KSC
  • Album: cbabir
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