"Democrat" Samizdat Journal Cover with Police Holding a Wooden Grave Marker

Független Demokrata (Independent Democrat)1989-06-11

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The "Democrat" Journal depicts two police officers holding a wooden grave marker inscribed with "1956 Pro Patria."

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  • Title: "Democrat" Samizdat Journal Cover with Police Holding a Wooden Grave Marker
  • Long Description: "Democrat" (Demokrata) was published by Gábor Demszky (b. 1952), the founder and director of the greatest Hungarian samizdat publishing house, AB Publisher, from 1981 to 1989, as well as the chief editor and publisher of the samizdat periodical Hírmondó (Herald). He also took part in publishing other underground literature, including Beszélő (Speaker). During these activities he collected and accumulated the richest collection of publications, artefacts and remnants of the Hungarian samizdat. Demszky, who was mayor of Budapest from 1990 to 2010, donated his samizdat collection to the Open Society Archives on March 15, 1995 (HU OSA 302 Personal Papers of Gábor Demszky.)
  • Creator: Független Demokrata (Independent Democrat)
  • Date: 1989-06-11
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Provenance: Tibor Philipp
  • OSA website: Personal Papers of Gábor Demszky, OSA Acquires the Tibor Philipp Collection
  • OSA Holdings: HU OSA 362 Tibor Philipp Personal Papers