The Golden poison frog, Phyllobates terribilis

Dirk Ercken

Frogs & Friends

Frogs & Friends
Berlin, Germany

Its name is an unambiguous hint to better stay away from this dwarf: Phyllobates terribilis, the golden poison frog. Also its bright color is sending clear signals to every potential predator: don't even think about it! And the addressee will be well advised to heed this warning. Because this 5 cm small froglet produces a poison in its skin that ranks amongst the most deadly in the world: it has the potential to knock off some 22,000 mice with its poison. The continuing decimation of the rain forest makes the poison frog an endangered species - regardless of his toxicity.

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  • Title: The Golden poison frog, Phyllobates terribilis
  • Creator: Dirk Ercken
  • Physical Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Original Source: Frogs & Friends