Des lúcidos

Provisorio Permanente

Performance Biennale - BP.15, Argentina.

Performance Biennale - BP.15, Argentina.

Provisorio Permanente presented des lúcidos, a service of black and white analogue photographic portraits. The project focused on the personal experience of each viewer who becomes part of the action.
Participants had first have to enter a space where they find a large antique photographic enlarger that will be used as a studio camera, and sat in front of it to get their picture taken. Then, they went through a trap door and into the red-lit dark room, where an operator was developing the photograph in an atmosphere of complete intimacy.
Visitors got to observe the end-to-end process until finally receiving their printed portrait, whose image would vanished before their eyes prior to leaving the room. They took home the photographic paper as a memento of that ephemeral presence.

Victoriano Alonso 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Eduardo Tomás Basualdo 1977, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Hernán Soriano 1978, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Pedro Wainer 1975, Mexico City, Mexico.
They live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Artur Lescher 1962, São Paulo, Brasil.
He lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.
Co-produced by Casa Naciónal del Bicentenario — Argentine Ministry of Culture
Curated by Liliana Piñeiro

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  • Title: Des lúcidos
  • Creator: Provisorio Permanente
  • Date Created: 2015/2015
  • Location: Casa Naciónal del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires, Argentina., Casa Naciónal del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Subject Keywords: Performance

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