Detail of Lantern, Cap, Ball and Cross

Nicholas Hawksmoor1708

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

Originally joined as one of two halves of a single sheet and modified by the addition of three flaps: (a) and (b) on this sheet. The drawing is a copy by Hawksmoor of the unidentified draughtsman (fl.1675-c.1687), and some pencil-work probably by Wren. Drawn scale, just under 6 ft 1 inch (10 ft = 43 mm).

Hawksmoor's hand is evident in the loosely drawn Corinthian capitals, shaded vertically in ink. The other man probably marked red-chalk on the left-hand side of the sheet appears to be in his hand. The more freely handled red-ink shading around the front wall face is probably Hawksmoor's.

On the plan, the earlier passage layout, is marked in dashed ink lines. Red chalk was then used to narrow the wider, canted end of this passage so that it enters to triforium gallery through the reveal of the triforium window (an alternative line for the whole passage has also been drawn in pencil). At least 13 steps are sketched in pencil along the straight section of the earlier passage, probably by Wren. These suggest that Wren first intended to run a lower passage across the transept front, level with the top of the external architrave, possibly because a passage had already been begun at this level.

Flap (a):

This revises the upper transept window-bay and the semi-dome of the portico directly below. The window, curved pediment, niche, sill moulding and semi-dome have all been lowered by about 1 ft 3 inches to conceal the internal arch of the window, marked in pencil on the main sheet. The steps of the semi-dome have been reduced from four to three and the panel above the niche has been enlarged.

Flap (b):

This revises the adjoining bay of the screen wall. The running entablature has been removed and the sub-frieze between the capitals reintroduced. Channeled walling has been applied across the bay and the triforium window has voussoirs rather than a keyblock. A pasted strip between the paired pilasters on the main sheet adds channeling to this part of the wall. This amended design was re-drawn and used for the upper transept front in the south elevation of the Revised design at All Souls.

Inscribed on the reverse of the sheet in pen and brown ink in an unidentified hand is the note 'I Beg your pardon' above a line and two letters (possibly initials), 'J.S'.

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  • Title: Detail of Lantern, Cap, Ball and Cross
  • Creator: Nicholas Hawksmoor
  • Date Created: 1708
  • Subject Keywords: D44