Detail of pedal harp by Sébastien Érard

Sébastien Érard1800

Royal College of Music

Royal College of Music

Single-action pedal harp with 42 strings and Erard’s fourchette action. Soundboard cross-grained, decorated in neo-classical style; edges and bridge-strip gilded. Back of semicircular section ebonised, with five hinged swell shutters. Pillar ebonised with fluting gilded. Capital with three ram’s heads linked by garlands, with swags above. Neck ebonised, with gilded edge mouldings. Action consists of 39 fourchettes operated by seven pedals; the eighth pedal controls swell shutters in the back. Sliding adjustable nuts fixed by two set-screws each. Tuned in E♭; the top three notes have no action and fixed nuts. Square-topped tuning-pins, with shoulders; the end of each string held in a slot instead of a drilled hole.

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  • Title: Detail of pedal harp by Sébastien Érard
  • Creator: Sébastien Érard
  • Date Created: 1800
  • Location Created: London, England