Details of the entrance

Giulio Romano1524

Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te
Mantova, Italy

One of the distinguishing features of the work of Giulio Romano is the continuous search for a variation in the modules he uses, that are chosen not on the basis of their structural function, but for the dynamic quality they are able to impress upon the whole building. Giulio Romano here demonstrated that it is possible to create something totally new by juxtaposing, in an almost musical way, diverse elements taken from past examples. This miracle is achieved by making small changes to the a prefixed order, following a poetics of vision and of its illusions. This is the invention, both in painting and in architecture, of Mannerism, a path that already Raphael, who died at a young age in 1529, had opened up when he had substituted the copy of nature with the invention of something artificial, creating a second nature that was totally human.

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  • Title: Details of the entrance
  • Creator: Giulio Romano
  • Date: 1524
  • Type: Frescoes