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Detaliu bumb

Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza1890/2013

Chamber of Architects in Romania

Chamber of Architects in Romania
Bucharest, România

An old photograph presents Mincu surrounded by oriental carpets nailed to the walls and drapes with folkloric elements from the Romanian region of Oltenia, with thick fringes tied to a still present knob. Combining a Horezu vase and a Romanian scenery with an Italian alto-relievo and a Dantesca chair (sedia del campo or a field chair) could only prove Mincu`s passion for study trips domestically and abroad. All these elements illustrate his cultural horizons and interests as a collector.

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  • Titlu: Detaliu bumb
  • Creator: Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza
  • Dată: 1890/2013
  • Locație: Bucharest Arthur Verona street no.19 code 010312


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