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Detaliu restaurare usi

Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza1890/2013

Chamber of Architects in Romania

Chamber of Architects in Romania
Bucharest, România

The volunteering program objectives during the Mincu House restoration site:

1. acquiring mobile patrimony and mural painting conservation skills;
2. acquiring notions of preventive conservation, in site conservation, emergency interventions and technical assistance;
3. developing knowledge on the complex historical monuments restoration process, based on all its artistic components;
4. enhancing the building of a strong team of restaurateurs, architects, engineers able to conduct emergency interventions and technical assistance to endangered monuments;
5. developing training sessions for different levels of expertise, with the support of experts in historical monuments conservation and restoration;
6. enhancing projects for personal professional development.

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  • Titlu: Detaliu restaurare usi
  • Creator: Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza
  • Dată: 1890/2013
  • Locație: Bucharest, Arthur Verona street no.19, code 010312


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