Lin Chien-jung2001

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation
Taipei, Taiwan

As an introverted and quiet child Lin Chien-jung played and conducted a dialogue with toys, both to pass time and stave off boredom or loneliness. This experience serves as the conceptual origin of much of his work. The works displayed at this exhibition search for a corner in space and include toys with light bulbs fixed to their heads, which shake to the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats". From their position in the corner of a dark room the light from the bulbs falls on a number of cones fixed to the surrounding walls. As these are revealed and then hidden by the moving light, shadows of different length form and the lonely corners are lit up. At the same time, the original playful nature of the toys is transformed into grief and depression.

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  • Title: DIDADI
  • Creator: Lin Chien-jung
  • Date: 2001
  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Location: World Chinese Commercial Bank