Différents aimants pour le transport de faisceaux




The high-power d.c. 1.2-m quadrupole lens (left in photo 186) and 1-m C-type window-frame bending magnet developed for the transport of the new resonance ejected beam at the PS. The overall width of the quadrupole is 22 cm and of the bending magnet 38 cm. Visible especially on the bending magnet are the small drilled Delrin blocks that provide all the cooling-water connexions to the coils, replacing the numerous rubber hoses used conventionally up to now. By further reducing the number of coil turns per cooling circuit, current densities of up to 140 A/mm2 (instead of the present 50 A/mm2) should be achieved, leading to even slimmer magnets.

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  • Titre: Différents aimants pour le transport de faisceaux
  • Créateur: CERN PhotoLab
  • Date de création: 1965-10, 1965
  • Contributeur: GenevaCERN1965-10
  • Support: Film, Photographic negative
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  • Internal Reference: Rubrique: Date Planche:10 65 De:185 A:190
  • Comment: Album with images scanned from original photo negatives

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