Diffusion élastique P₋ + P intervalle à 2,5 GeV



Genève, Suisse

Over-all view of the arrangement of counters around the polarised target in the kaon-polarised proton experiment. The beam entered through the quadrupole magnet on the left, and striked the target placed in a 18.5 kG field (one pole of the magnet was just visible above the ring of counters). The scattered kaon and recoil proton were detected by the counters on the ring and recorded onto magnetic tape through an on-line computer.


  • Titre: Diffusion élastique P₋ + P intervalle à 2,5 GeV
  • Créateur: CERN PhotoLab
  • Date de création: 1968-12, 1968
  • Contributeur: GenevaCERN1968-12
  • Support: Film, Photographic negative
  • Link to Internal Document:
  • Internal Reference: Rubrique: Date Planche:12 68 De:178 A:193
  • Comment: Album with images scanned from original photo negatives

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