Ding Dong Daddy O Lives

William Walmsley and William Walmsley (1923 - 2003)1978

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Alluding to Cezanne working away in artistic solitude in southern France, Bill has christened this southern capital “Tallahassee-en-Provence.” He knows it is possible to work hard and seriously, removed from the bustling American art centers of L.A., New York, Chicago. There are trade-offs, however. “Even Picasso would starve to death in Tallahassee,” was Walmsley’s wry assessment of the fact that his works, particularly Ding Dong Daddy Crap Art (1971) which had won seven national awards, were considered too risqué to be shown at any venue off campus. Critics and writers embrace his good-natured iconoclasm.

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  • Title: Ding Dong Daddy O Lives
  • Creator: William Walmsley, William Walmsley (1923 - 2003)
  • Date Created: 1978
  • Provenance: Gift of William and Dorothy Walmsley
  • Medium: Lithograph