Divine Shepherdess

Candido Portinari1944

Projeto Portinari

Projeto Portinari
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Composition in blue, rose, green, earthy, ochre, white, black, red and violet tones. Thick texture. It depicts Divine Shepherdess and Child Jesus in an outdoor landscape with sheep and two angels. On the right, a white rectangle corresponding to a door in the wall of the dining room where the mural is located. In the center, Divine Shepherdess sit facing forward, slightly turned to the right and her head turned to the left. Face with no defined facial features; she wears a wide-brimmed straw hat and a long sleeve dress. Her right arm stretched down suggesting that her hand is near the head of a sheep standing in profile to the right; the head of the Divine Shepherdess suggests to directed toward the sheep. The Child Jesus is standing, leaning on the left leg of the Divine Shepherdess; he is naked, his right arm is fallen along his body and the left arm is bent up. To the right of the Divine Shepherdess, two sheep, one already described above and the other is a little behind the first, standing in profile to the left with its head forward. To the left of the Divine Shepherdess, next her left foot, there is a gourd. In front of this group of figures and animal, bordering the bottom of the composition, foliage and plants tip tufts. In the background, suggestion of outdoors landscape, blue sky with white clouds, an angel profile to the right can be seen running, holding in his right hand a tineplate chest ,on the right above the door another angel, profile to the right, flying.

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  • Title: Divine Shepherdess
  • Date: 1944
  • Location Created: Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Physical Dimensions: w46 x h31cm without frame
  • Provenance: João Candido Portinari
  • Rights: João Candido Portinari
  • External Link: Projeto Portinari
  • Theme: religious:angel, religious:Jesus:Boy, religious:Nossa Senhora:Our Lady Divine Shepherdess, Nature:Animals:sheep, human figure:child:boy, human figure:woman, diverse:recurring elements:trunk, diverse:recurring elements:gourd
  • Technique: oil
  • Signature: Unsigned and undated
  • Painter: Candido Portinari
  • Number: FCO 1014
  • Function: Small-scale color sketch for the mural painting “Divine Shepherdess” [FCO 1013]
  • Catalogue Raisonné: CR-2188