One journalist observed of Ravca's methods of doll making: "Everywhere Ravca goes, he watches old men and women, looking at their noses, their eyes, their expressions, and the character lines of their faces. He developed and perfected the art of making faces which really look old. To do this, Ravca became a sculptor in cotton. He sews it in here and there to get the contours and deep lines. He then stretches a silk stocking over the head and paints the coloring of the face. Eight hours per head it takes."

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  • Title: Doll
  • Date Created: 1938
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Subject Keywords: man, woman
  • Type: Collector Dolls, Dolls from the Thirties and Forties
  • Medium: stockinet, cloth, paint, fabric
  • Object ID: 80.4693
  • Artist: Bernard Ravca